Robert L Williams, DMIN

About Robert L Williams, DMIN

Dr. Robert L. Williams is Founder and President of the local and global missions organization Miracle Making Ministries, Inc. He has trained pastors on five continents and in 34 countries. He is also Executive Director of Druid Park Community Health Center. Established in 2004, this unique healthcare facility provides no-cost primary care for thousands of uninsured and underinsured patients, using retired physicians in the community who continue their practice by serving the least fortunate.

Dr. Williams has created local and international missions models for the local church to engage with the lost, both at home and abroad. These models provide effective, relational means for evangelism by meeting people's needs for the sake of showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This gospel based approach is centered on serving the poor as Jesus served, and working with other community entities to create vital partnerships with the common goal of serving the needy and marginalized in society. Evangelism is always the key goal.

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Dr. Williams and his wife Theresa have two children, Rania and Jared, a son-in-law, Terence Frederick, and two granddaughters Ava Grace and Emma Catherine.



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